a.1. visual identity..

A consistent visual identity is the first step in building a successful business.

Corporate identities are a combination of shapes, typography and colors, which we call brand architecture, followed by the name and tagline, logo and brand usage manual. These elements combined make a visual statement about your business.

a.1.1. brand architecture.

Like the blueprint of a building, brand architecture lays out the primary lines that will guide the next steps in creating a corporate identity, and simple, intuitive architecture is essential for creating a strong brand.

A good corporate identity is one that communicates the business philosophy clearly and intuitively.

a.1.2. name and tagline.

The name matters a lot and when well studied it helps to consolidate the brand in the consumer's memory. Being memorable and easily pronounceable are essential rules to set you apart from the competition, create an emotional bond, inspire and go viral.

a.1.3. logo.

A logo is the graphic mark, the symbol of an organization that communicates a message in a timeless way. It must be effective in essence, with or without color, print or digital, scalable on billboards or smartphones.

a.1.4. brand usage.

The brand's user manual establishes style guidelines for employees, partners, customers and communication vehicles. The manual includes logos and their formats, specifies correct and incorrect usage, includes fonts, colors, icons and more.

a.1.5. corporative identity.

The corporate visual identity determines how an organization presents itself, how it sees itself and how it wants to be seen. It makes a company distinct through business cards, letterhead, proposals, envelopes and the like.

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How about we discuss your project? Get in touch, we'll take care of the rest.

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